Let’s Cut That Weight!

Narito ang ilang mga paraan ng ligtas na pagbabawas ng timbang 👍👇

Effective Strategies for Cutting Weight Safely

This requires a wrestler to initiate the process at their target weight, and then utilize normal training and weight fluctuation patterns that occur naturally.

1. Proper Hydration Status

Baseline Hydration: 1/2 your weight in pounds of body weight in fluid ounces

Checking Hydration: You want light colored urine in large amounts frequently each day.

Superhydration: Increase fluids by 200%. 150 oz. water + 150% of weight in ounces

2. Fueling the Right Way

The less a food weighs, the lower the impact it has on the scale at weigh ins.

Therefore energy density is desired rather than nutrient density (which is normally priority in regular training).

What to Avoid:

High fiber fruits and vegetables

High carbohydrate starches and grains

Foods that are high in sodium

Best Options:

High protein foods are energy dense.

Healthy fats are energy dense.

By shifting to energy dense foods, 1-2% of body weight can be effortlessly be eliminated. Increase energy dense foods greatly 24-hours before a weight in.


Kung gusto mo talagang mabawasan ang iyong timbang, kaibigan, try mo na ang mga strategies na ito. Safe na, effective pa. Wala namang masama kung susubukan, ‘di ba?

(Photo and info from Google Images)