How to Lose Fat on Your Face – 5 TIPS PARA SA IYONG CHUBBY FAT FACE –

Hello there! Want to know How to Lose Fat on Your Face?

Sabi ng iba hindi raw lahat ng taba, sa katawan o sa tiyan napupunta, yung iba sa mukha.

Tinamaan ka ba, bes?

Gusto mo rin bang mabawasan ang taba sa iyong mukha? Narito ang ilang paraan upang magmukhang payat ang iyong pisngi 😉😊


Even though you can’t lose weight in your face overnight, there are certain things that give you the appearance of losing weight in your face.

Yes, hindi po mabilisan ang pagpapayat ng mukha, pero kung susundin mo ang mga tips na ito, doon din tayo mapupunta.

Check out these tips to make your face look slimmer today!

1.      Get Moving

do facial exercise

Exercise promotes blood flow to keep your face looking young, and revs your metabolism to burn calories and support overall weight loss!

2.      Drink Lots of Water

drink many glasses of water

When you’re dehydrated, your body holds on to water everywhere it can… including in your face.

Make sure to keep a calorie-free, caffeine-free drink nearby.

3.      Eliminate Problem Foods

avoid junk food

Eating too much salt or sugar, or drinking alcohol, can trigger water retention that manifests as face puffiness.

Untreated food intolerances can also contribute to a rounder-looking face.

4.      Understand Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations can also cause your body to retain water.

This is why you may notice your face looks puffier when you’re menstruating, pregnant or stressed.

5.      Work Out Your Facial Muscles

Gagawa pa tayo ng ilan pang post tungkol sa facial exercise dahil ito ay importanteng topic para sa lose fat on face.

Some experts recommend facial exercises, or even facial yoga, to tone and tighten muscles in the face. These movements are said to help lose weight in the face and reduce wrinkles.

Sadly, there’s no way to target weight loss specifically to the face. The only way to lose weight in your face long-term is to lose weight in your whole body.


Kaya kung gusto mong mag lose ng weight sa mukha, dapat ay mag lose ka muna ng weight sa buong katawan.

‘Yun lamang ang pinakamabisang paraan upang pumayat ang iyong mukha. 👍😉

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