Gusto mo bang mawala ang belly fat mo pero nahihirapan ka at di mo alam kung paano?

Narito ang mga factors na dapat mong i-consider at mga tips na rin kung paano makakapaglose ng fats sa iyong belly 😍

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How to Lose Belly Fat?

Paano ba ang effective and safe na safe na paraan para mawala or at least mabawasan ang taba sa tyan, better known as bilbil.

1. It All Starts in the Head!

Don’t Worry

dont worry

Maniwala ka man or sa hindi, nakaka taba ang stress!

Stress increases belly fat, because stress increases cortisol ,

Ano ang cortisol? Ang cortisol ay isang hormon  nag iincrease ng abdominal fat.  a hormone that promotes abdominal fat storage.

Ano ang pwedeng gawin para maiwasan ang stress?

Try yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises.

They are calming and help reduce stress & fat storage hormones which stimulate belly fat.

Be Happy Always Be Positive

Partner ng Don’t Worry… Be Happy.

Pag malungkot ang isang tao, may pag aaral na nakaka dagdag ito ng level of belly fat. Feeling low is linked with higher levels of belly fat.

“Self-medicating” by eating comfort foods containing sugar & fat is more likely with chronic stress or feeling depressed.

Every time you laugh, your abdominal muscles are targeted – just like exercise. There are even laughing yoga classes.

Body Type


Find out your body type. Then choose the exercise & diet plan for your body type.

Yes, may mga exercise na nababagay or mas effective depende sa body type mo.

Kung mabigat at mataba ka talaga, di naman expected na makakagawa ka ng extensive exercises.

Alamin ang body fat at mag exercise na base sa katawan mo.


Even in the absence of weight gain, belly fat in women increases with age, esp. at menopause, due to decreasing estrogen, which affects body fat distribution & increases cortisol levels.


Smokers have more belly fat than non-smokers. Nicotine inhibits fat loss from the belly.

2. It’s What You Eat!


Crash diets trigger starvation mode, slowing metabolism, causing more efficient fat storage & reducing fat burning.


healthy food paano ba pumayat

Low-sugar, high-protein snacks (e.g. almonds) boosts metabolism & keep insulin low, preventing cravings & the storage of belly fat.


Women who binge drink have more belly fat than women who drink regularly but don’t binge.

Light to moderate wine drinking can protect against belly fat.



People who eat a diet high in “white” (refined) carbs have bigger bellies.

People who eat whole grains lose more belly fat than those who consume refined grains.


Trans fats & saturated fats increase belly fat. Trans fats also increase total body fat.

Monounsaturated fats (e.g. olive oil, nuts) helps burn belly fat, control satiety, & prevent diabetes.

Type of Diet

Junk food increases belly fat. Junk food is high in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, & refined carbs.

A Mediterranean style diet is a scientifically proven method to prevent & lose belly fat.


Sugar spikes your blood sugar, leading to higher insulin levels, which stimulates fat to be deposited more prevalently in your belly.


Moderate servings (approx. 40% of your daily calories) of lean protein with every meal increases weight loss, particularly from the belly.

Special Foods

Natural yogurt, fish oil, and Vitamin C have all been proven to prevent and/or help the loss of belly fat.

3. Move It, Baby!

Move More.

Study: Women who are physically inactive may gain 12% deep-belly fat over 8 months.

Study: Women who ran 20 miles per week lost belly fat. Women who ran or walked 12 miles lost NO belly fat.


Women who diet but do not exercise lose less belly fat than women who diet & exercise.

Women who do interval training lose more belly fat than women who do long workouts of moderate cardio.

Strength Training

Abs exercises (e.g. crunches) strengthen abs muscles but do little to burn belly fat.

Full-body strength training decreases overall body fat and helps prevent belly fat.


Poor posture creates a belly even if you have little belly fat. Pilates exercises significantly improve posture, creating a flatter abdomen.


Nawa’y makatulong ang mga impormasyon at tips na narito upang magtagumpay ka sa paglo-lose ng iyong belly fat! Aja! Fighting! 💪👊