Ayon sa isang survey, mas mahirap na ang pagbabawas ng weight ngayon dahil na rin sa modernong pamumuhay ng mga tao ngayon.

Tunay ngang napakarami nang nagbago. Kaya naman narito ang mga weight loss tips mula sa mga eksperto na akma sa napapanahong lifestyle natin.

New National Survey Suggests Losing Weight is Harder Than Ever Before…

U.S. adults and healthcare professionals agree that losing weight is harder today than it was for previous generations because of Americans’ busy, modern lifestyle.

77% Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), 81% Pharmacists,

62% US Adults

… And that a New Approach is Needed.

Healthcare professionals also say that Americans need to take a new approach to weight loss that fits with today’s modern lifestyle.

89% Primary Care Physicians (PCPs),

95% Pharmacists

They suggest taking these steps to create a successful weight-loss strategy that can work with your lifestyle today:


1.      Have a Plan

The #1 cited factor for successful weight loss is having a plan/method that:

-Is sustainable

-Isn’t timeconsuming

-Doesn’t require sudden/major shifts to your daily routine

-Works quickly and safely

2.      Don’t Go to Extremes — Take Incremental Steps

“After going through a period of extremely reduced calorie intake, a person’s body will prepare for the next ‘starvation’ period and the person may gain weight in response.”

77% PCPs, 84% Pharmacists

Drasticallyreducing the number of calories a person gets will slow down the body’s weight-loss process.”

62% PCPs, 72% Pharmacists

3.      Consider New Options

“I wish I had more weight-loss options to offer patients who are overweight (i.e., not yet obese).”

85% PCPs, 84% Pharmacists

“Having a weight-loss product/aid that fits into a person’s lifestyle without unpleasant side effects would make it easier for my patients to lose weight”

63% PCPs, 60% Pharmacists

4.      Ask for Advice & Support


32% of adults who are currently trying or ever tried to lose weight say that they discussed or developed a specific weight-loss plan with a healthcare professional.


66% of U.S. adults say advice and support  from a healthcare professional is important for successful weight loss. And, healthcare professionals think so too.


Sa ating pabago bagong mundo, pati ang ating lifestyle ay nagbabago na rin. Kaya mahalaga na manatiling fit and healthy sa kabila ng mga pagbabagong nagaganap sa araw araw.

For more survey results, please visit www.weightlossfindings.com