10 Steps Para Sa Mabilisang Pagpapapayat

Halos lahat tayo gusto nang mabilisan. Yung instant ba. Pati nga sa pagpapapayat, gusto natin mabilisan din. Kaya narito ang 10 steps para sa mabilisang pagpapayat in just 21 days! Check mo na dito! 👇


Step 1: Calculate BMR

Calculate your resting energy needs. (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Men = Weight (lbs) x11

Women = Weight (lbs) x10

Step 2: Calculate TDEE

Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE)

Determine how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.

Sedentary = 1.2 x BMR

Mod. Active = 1.5 x BMR

Very Active = 1.7 x BMR

Step 3: Estimate Calories

Estimate how many calories do you need to lose weight.

Sustainable Weight Loss = TDEE x 0.85

Aggressive Weight Loss = TDEE x 0.80

Step 4: Calorie Burn

Increase calorie burn

Lift weights 2-3x/week

Also add High Intensity Training 2-3x/week

Step 5: Eat This

Eat more of these kind of foods:



-High Fiber Foods


Step 6: Skip This

Eat less of these kinds of foods:

-Added Sugars

-Refined Grains

-Processed Foods

-Empty Calories

-Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Step 7: Track Food Intake

Download the Trifecta app for easy food tracking.

Step 8: Count Your Macros

How many grams of carbs, protein and fat are you eating?

Step 9: Stay Motivated

-Positive Vibes

-Get Enough Sleep

-Remember Your Why

Step 10: Be Consistent

Stick to it for at least 21 days!

Weight Loss Calculator – Example

This is Beth, she’s 160 lbs. and moderately active. To lose weight she will need to eat less than 1920 calories a day.

160 lbs. x 10 = 1600 (BMR)

1600 x 1.5 = 2400 (TDEE)

2400 x 0.8 = 1920 Calories


Sabi nila walang overnight na pagpapayat pero pwede ka naman mag lose ng weight in just 21 days, kung susundin mo lang ang mga steps na narito. So just be consistent and good luck! 💪👊🤘

(Image and info from Google Images, TRIFECTA Organic Meal Delivery)