Bes, sa tingin mo ba ay mahirap ma-achieve ang #flatbellygoals at #sexytummygoals mo? Nag diet at nag workout ka na pero wa epek pa rin? Baka naman you need to change something? Sa meal, sa diet o sa lifestyle mo. Bakit hindi mo subukan ang 7-day flat tummy diet meal plan na ito? Malay mo, ito na ang sagot sa dasal mo na lumiit at sumexy ang tiyan mo.

Day 1

BREAKFAST: Boiled egg, bacon, apple, toast, and coffee

LUNCH: Ham and cheese sandwich with avocado

SNACK: Greek yogurt

DINNER: Grilled chicken salad

Day 2

BREAKFAST: Berry smoothie with chia seeds

LUNCH: Kale & tuna salad

SNACK: Unsalted nuts

DINNER: Cold and lentil salad

Day 3

BREAKFAST: Broccoli rabe & egg toast

LUNCH: Shrimp salad

SNACK: Cheesy peas

DINNER: Grilled chicken

Day 4

BREAKFAST: Avocado banana smoothie

LUNCH: Open wasabi tuna sandwich

SNACK: Berries

DINNER: Flank steak with balsamic vinegar

Day 5

BREAKFAST: Cinnamon oatmeal

LUNCH: Turkey wrap

SNACK: Olive and cheese

DINNER: Red hot chicken pasta

Day 6

BREAKFAST: Breakfast burrito

LUNCH: Turkey chili

SNACK: Hard- boiled egg

DINNER: Mediterranean style cod

Day 7

BREAKFAST: Berry and chia pudding

LUNCH: Pesto shrimp pasta

SNACK: Trail mix

DINNER: Pecan and pork chops

So ayan nga, bes, we wish you all the best and sana ma-achieve mo na ang inaasam na #flatbellygoals at #sexytummygoals mo! Fighting!

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