Halos karamihan sa atin ay gustong mawala o mabawasan man lang ang mga bilbil o ‘yun bang tinatawag na belly fats. Aminin mo bessy, ‘yun din ang matagal mo nang hinihiling, ‘di ba? Kaya naman ibibigay namin ngayon ang 7 tips upang mabawasan, kung hindi man mawala, ang inyong mga belly fats.

1. Eat More Protein

Studies show people consuming good quality protein regularly have lesser belly fat.

2. Have Small Meals

Not just reducing belly fat, eating small meals help in overall weight loss too.

3. Eat More of Viscous Fiber

Viscous fibers are the soluble fibers that help in weight loss by keeping the stomach full for a long time.

4. Reduce the Carbs Intake

Reducing the consumption of simple carbs can help weight loss as well as reducing that tummy fat.

5. Don’t Have Any Added Sugar

Aerated beverages, as well as many packaged foods, contain added sugar that is a contributor to your tummy fat.

6. Go for Aerobic Exercises

You can follow aerobic exercises that, not only cut down the stubborn belly fat but also helps in building body stamina and boost body’s energy levels.

7. Take 8 Hours of Beauty Sleep

Studies have shown that fat accumulates around the waistline due to sleep irregularities.

Sa healthy lifestyle, tiyaga, at disiplina, maa-achieve natin ang inaasam na #flatbellygoals at #sexytummygoals !

(Photo and info from Google Images, Truweight)


Bes, sa tingin mo ba ay mahirap ma-achieve ang #flatbellygoals at #sexytummygoals mo? Nag diet at nag workout ka na pero wa epek pa rin? Baka naman you need to change something? Sa meal, sa diet o sa lifestyle mo. Bakit hindi mo subukan ang 7-day flat tummy diet meal plan na ito? Malay mo, ito na ang sagot sa dasal mo na lumiit at sumexy ang tiyan mo.

Day 1

BREAKFAST: Boiled egg, bacon, apple, toast, and coffee

LUNCH: Ham and cheese sandwich with avocado

SNACK: Greek yogurt

DINNER: Grilled chicken salad

Day 2

BREAKFAST: Berry smoothie with chia seeds

LUNCH: Kale & tuna salad

SNACK: Unsalted nuts

DINNER: Cold and lentil salad

Day 3

BREAKFAST: Broccoli rabe & egg toast

LUNCH: Shrimp salad

SNACK: Cheesy peas

DINNER: Grilled chicken

Day 4

BREAKFAST: Avocado banana smoothie

LUNCH: Open wasabi tuna sandwich

SNACK: Berries

DINNER: Flank steak with balsamic vinegar

Day 5

BREAKFAST: Cinnamon oatmeal

LUNCH: Turkey wrap

SNACK: Olive and cheese

DINNER: Red hot chicken pasta

Day 6

BREAKFAST: Breakfast burrito

LUNCH: Turkey chili

SNACK: Hard- boiled egg

DINNER: Mediterranean style cod

Day 7

BREAKFAST: Berry and chia pudding

LUNCH: Pesto shrimp pasta

SNACK: Trail mix

DINNER: Pecan and pork chops

So ayan nga, bes, we wish you all the best and sana ma-achieve mo na ang inaasam na #flatbellygoals at #sexytummygoals mo! Fighting!

(Photo and info from Google Images, www.flattummydiet.com)