Overcoming Emotional Eating for Weight Loss

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Marami sa atin ay may ganitong habit. Kaya naman hindi sila nakakapaglose ng weight nang maayos.

Isa ka rin ba sa kanila?

Pero gustong gustong makapaglose ng weight?

Worry no more dahil may mga paraan naman para ma-overcome ang emotional eating! Check this out! 👇 #notoemotionaleating #yestohealthyeating #weightlossjourney #tohealthierandfitteryou

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is the action of eating in response to emotions. This behavior includes eating in response to both positive and negative feelings.

Emotional vs. Physical Hunger

One of the biggest steps in overcoming emotional eating is learning to tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger. Here are a few tips:

Physical Hunger

>Grows slowly

>Satisfied by any food

>Goes away when you have eaten enough

>Feel better after eating

Emotional Hunger

>Comes on suddenly

>Craving for one specific food

>Still hungry, even after eating

>Feel worse after eating

How to Overcome Emotional Eating?

1. Take Five.

Wait for a few minutes to see if the hunger fades or subsides. Cravings are often short-lived.

2. Write it Down.

Keep a food diary to track what and when you eat. You can also track how you feel!

3. Toss Temptation

Stop buying your go-to comfort foods. It’s easier to say no to junk food if it’s not easily available.

4. Get Distracted.

Take a walk, call a friend, or play on your phone. Many times the acute craving will pass.

5. Plan to Snack

Set yourself up for success by avoiding extreme hunger. Plan 1-2 healthy snacks per day.


Sana makatulong ang mga tips na narito upang ma-overcome ang emotional eating ninyo. Kayang kaya yan kung sasamahan mo ng tiyaga, disiplina, at tamang kontrol sa sarili! 😉

(Photo and info from Google Images, Phentermine.com)