Nutritional Recommendations for Women

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Calling your attention, girls! Ito ang basic nutritional recommendations para sa inyo na gustong mag-lose ng body fat! Try nyo na! #fatlossjourney #fitnessgoals #cheerstohealthierandfitteryou

Basic Nutritional Recommendations for Females Looking to Lose Body Fat

1. Goal Setting

-1 to -2 pounds of body fat per week

Make the goal realistic. Drastic weight loss is often the result of not only body fat, but also loss of water and a loss of muscle mass. The more muscle mass that is lost, the slower the metabolism becomes.

2. Calorie Restriction

By decreasing the amount of processed carbs you eat, you will achieve a modest calorie deficit of 500 cal/day.

Caloric Expenditure

A modest increase in exercise (250-500 cal/day) is enough to create a calorie deficit that is not detrimental to health and can still induce weight loss. Aim to exercise 4 to 6 days per week.

3. Breakfast

Meat and nuts for breakfast will ensure you start your day strong with a good serving of protein and healthy fats while keeping your blood sugar low and in a state conducive to weight loss.

4. Protein

Generally protein intake should be 1g per 1lb of body weight.


Incorporate foods rich in iron such as meat/seafood coupled with foods rich in vitamin C (to help absorb the iron) such as dark green leafy veggies. If you have low iron, it may be a good idea to check your stomach acid levels, so you can see if you are absorbing the food you eat daily.


Kung sasamahan mo ng tiyaga at disiplina, magiging epektibo ang mga rekomendasyong narito. Kaya wag balewalain kung ang goal mo ay pumayat, maging fit at maging mas healthy pa. Go, go, go!

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