Hanap mo ba ay mga tips sa paglo-lose ng weight at kung paano rin maging healthy?

Nandito sa infographic na ito ang mga kasagutan dyan! 👇

Healthy ka na, nabawasan pa ang timbang mo!

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Increase Daily Activity

Combine a cardiovascular workout with some muscle workout strengthening exercises.

Pace yourself to lower risk of injuries.
Aim to exercise at least 30 minutes each day.

cardio exercise

Pero may video sa youtube na 7 minute complete workout. For me this is enough if you have no extra time.

If you do this exercise 4-5 times a week, you will become healthy.

It has cardio and targets almost all muscle groups.

Turn the TV OFF

TV viewing is the leading behavioral predictor of obesity.

The risk of obesity increases 25% for every 2 hours viewed daily.

Why waste time watching TV anyway? Pwede mo gamitin ung TV time mo to read or do something to learn a new skill or personal development.

Keep a Log

Keep track of everything you eat and drink.

Include all portion sizes.

Also, sa mga bumibili ng aming trending na Lean n Green slimming coffee, ang lagi kong sinasabi is monitoring.

Dapat may monitoring. Yan ang secret. Malalaman mo kung may improvement ang ginagawa mo.

Kung ano man ang outcome, pwede kang mag adjust.

Skip Sugary Drinks

Replace with water.

drink more water

Soda, fruit and sports drinks offer zero nutritional value.

Totally stop drinking soda kung kakayaning. Sugar in soda or sugar in general is bad for your health at makakapag pataba sa iyo.

Eat Moderately

Control food portions.

Be constantly aware of your eating habits throughout the day.

It’s ok na kumain ng maraming gulay, pero di ok kumain ng maraming kanin.

Eat moderately sa mga foods na maraming carbohydrates. Eat more protein and healthy fats.

Sleep Right

Get an average of 7 hours of sleep each night.

Lack of sleep increases cravings for sweets.

Sleep is important for your health and body metabolism.

Important din ang sleep sa weight management.

Slow and Steady

Be patient. Plan goals to work toward.

Face the benefits and challenges that come with losing weight.

Make Realistic Goals

Initial goal should be 5-10% of your current weight.

Breaking weight loss into several stages will make it much more likely for you to reach your goal.


Friend, this is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone–papayat at magiging fit na tayo, magiging mas healthy pa tayo! Amazing, ‘di ba? So, let’s go! Let’s get fit, healthy, and happy! 😊💪👏

(Photo and info from Google Images; preventcancer.org)