8 peanut butter benefits

Nung mga bata pa tayo, marami sa atin ang mahilig sa peanut butter, comfort food pa ng iba yan.

Pinapapak pa nga natin yan eh, aminin nyo! 😂 Pero ngayong matanda na tayo (hindi naman masyado 😄)

Nagiging conscious na tayo sa ating kalusugan at maaaring isipin natin na baka hindi ito mabuti para sa atin.

Nakakalungkot naman ‘di ba?

Pero worry no more, mumshie!

Alam nyo bang maraming health benefits ang peanut butter?

Isa na nga diyan ay nakatutulong ito sa pagbabawas ng timbang. Yey! Narito pa ang ilang health benefits ng ating paboritong pagkain. 👇😍

As a kid, there were few things better than a perfectly made peanut butter jelly sandwich.

As you got older and more conscious of your health, however, you may have started wondering whether it could be time to cut it out of your diet.

But don’t worry! There’s no need to ditch the peanut butter.

In fact, it’s got tons of health benefits. Read on and find out…

Source of Protein

With 4g of protein per tablespoon, peanut butter is a great food for building and repairing muscles.

It also means that eating peanut butter will make you feel full for longer.

Heart Friendly

peanut butter heart friendly

When consumed in moderate amounts, eating a high quality peanut butter can actually improve your heart health, especially when compared to those who seldom or never eat nuts.

More Potassium

Peanut butter acts as an excellent source of potassium (105mg/tbsp.), an important mineral that reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke.

Healthy Fat

Like avocado, peanut butter has a high ratio of unsaturated vs. saturated fats.

If you’d still like to cut down on fat, however, there are a range of reduced fat peanut butters available.

Energy Booster

The healthy fats and protein in peanut butter give it a high calorie density, making it a perfect breakfast meal to give you an energy hit for the day.

Fiber Rich

Peanut butter is also a good source of fiber, which has a number of benefits including but not limited to controlling your blood sugar, improving heart health, and facilitating weight loss.

Aids Weight Loss

Due to its protein and fiber content, peanut butter makes you feel fuller for longer.

This will help you eat less by making you much less likely to crave junk food and unhealthy snacks.

Full of Nutrients

Peanut butter is a great source of Vitamin E, B-6, magnesium, calcium and even zinc, all of which play a big role in keeping you healthy.


• Select a natural peanut butter if you don’t want artificial ingredients and flavour enhancers.

• Commercial peanut butter brands can have up to 250mg per tablespoon more sugar than natural brands. This does, however, add greatly to flavor.

• Natural brands usually have less sodium. If you’re only eating 2tbsp of peanut butter a day, however, a commercial brand with slightly more salt and sugar won’t be too much of an issue.


Nasa proper moderation pa rin ang susi sa healthy living.

Hindi dahil sa maraming health benefits at nakakapagpapayat ang peanut butter ay mag consume ka na ng sobra sobra.

Tandaan, ang lahat ng sobra ay masama rin. ‘Yung tama at sakto lang dapat. Okay ba yun mumsh? 😊