7 Secrets of Fit People

Madalas pag may nakikita tayong sexy and fit people, napapaisip at napapatanong tayo, “Ay pano kaya nila nagawa ‘yan?” “How to be you po?” Aminin! Ngayon, ipapakita namin ang mga sikreto (hindi na sya sikreto ngayon 😂) ng mga taong ito at kung paano tayo magiging tulad nila! 😍 #secretsoffitpeople #howtobefitandhealthy #roadtoahealthierandfitterlife

If you have ever looked at a healthy and fit person and wondered how you can be like them, you are not alone. Here are seven secrets of fit people:

1. They have consistent habits.
Fit people recognize that there is not one single thing that needs to be done to be healthy & at an acceptable weight. Instead, they engage in many healthy habits that contribute to a healthy weight and level of fitness.

2. They eat balanced meals.
Eating right isn’t complicated, but it does involve a lot of things. You should start the day with a smart breakfast in order to give you energy and keep you full for longer. You should also avoid skipping meals, which can make you hungry & contribute to the consumption of high calorie foods later in the day.

3. They keep track of what they eat.
This can be done by writing the foods down or using a tracking app on a computer or smartphone. Either way, fit people are aware of what they are putting into their body.

4. They don’t drink their calories.
Coffee creamers, fruit juices, sodas, and energy drinks all contain a lot of sugar and excess calories. Avoid this pitfall by keeping a water bottle with you at all times.

5. They do exercise that they enjoy.
You are less likely to stick to exercise if it is hard for you to do, or if it feels like a chore. Find an exercise or physical activity that you can get excited about, like kayaking or bike riding.

6. They surround themselves with fit influences.
This can include finding a partner to exercise with or even just following fitness oriented people on social media. Following healthy blogs and subscribing to health oriented magazines can also keep the fit mindset at the forefront.

7. They get a lot of sleep.
Your muscles recover when you sleep, so it’s definitely necessary for a fit person. There is also a link between sleep and decreased incidences of obesity.


Bessy! No need to ask “How to be you po?” pag sinunod at ginawa natin ang mga ito! Palalagpasin pa ba natin ang pagkakataong maging fit and healthy? Syempre hindi noh! Kaya, go for it! Let’s get fit and healthy! 😉🙌😍

(Photo and info from Google Images; Copyright 2015, Orange County Weight Loss Doctor www.orangecountyweightlossdoctor.com)