Alam kong tulad namin, ayaw mo rin sa stomach fat. Kaya naman narito ang mga simple pero mabilis na paraan ng pagtanggal ng iyong tummy fat! 😍👍

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Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast with these 10 Simple Tips

Marami na tayong mga tips na na i-share para makapag pabawas ng timbang, ng taba at maging healthy.

Here are some simple 10 tips to get rid of those stubborn stomach fat.

Kuna malaki ang tiyan mo sa fats, buyong or para kang buntis, check mo itong mga tips below and see if you can do some or all for your health.

1. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fresh water

Drink Water

It is essential to give your body enough water to efficiently flush the bloat and toxins from your system, especially in the high summer heat.

Drinking water equates to weight loss.

May tips na rin tayo tungkol sa pag inom ng tubig at kung paano sya nakakatulong mag lose ng weight.

2. Eliminate carbonated soft drinks from your diet

Whether you’re drinking a regular soda or a diet soda, both are detrimental to your health.

Not only do they dehydrate the body and add nutrition-less calories (regular soda), the carbonated bubbles will bloat your tummy.

Try drinking Sassy water instead of diet soda, regular soda, or seltzer. It’s a much better alternative.

Maraming nag pa-private message sa akin sa FB Group, kung ano daw ang the best tip para makatulong makapag pabawas ng timbang.

Simple lang ang aking sinasagot. Lessen the intake of sugar and salt.

Then sabi ko, when I say sugar, I mean ice creams and softdrinks.

Just by not drinking sodas, malaki ang maitutulong sa pag lose ng weight.

3. Walk and talk with a friend

walk with a friend

If you’re going for a walk, why not ask a friend to join you?

Studies show that an exercise buddy will prompt you to exercise much harder than if you were alone.

Plan a time when the two of you can get together for a weekly walking session, join a gym together or start a neighborhood fitness group.

Get as many people involved as you can. The more, the merrier!

Di mo mamamalayang ang oras kung marami kayong naglalakad with friends.

Paano nakakatulong ang paglalakad sa pag lose ng weight? Simple lang.

Walking burns calories. Kung wala kang sobrang calories na magiging sugar, na magiging fat, di na ito makaka dagdag sa weight mo.

4. Reduce salty foods like pretzels or chips

no to junk food

Ano ang number one tip ko kung ikaw ay nagpapa payat? Bawasan ang softdrinks at junkfood.

Sinabi ko lang softdrink pero what I meant was SUGAR.

At sinabi ko lang junk food (which is bad anyway) pero what I meant was SALT.

Watch your intake of snacks/foods that contain a significant amount of salt such as pretzels or chips.

Because these types of foods contain so much salt, your body will retain extra fluid.

Salt is a contributing factor to water weight gain and a puffy, bloated appearance.

So, in order to get a slim, trim tummy — put down the pretzels and pick something less salty to eat instead.

5. Add more foods rich in fiber to your diet

Amazingly, your tummy will carry nearly 4% less fat for every 10 grams of fiber you consume on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there are easier ways to incorporate fiber into your diet than eating an entire box of Raisin Bran.

For example, each of the following foods contain 10 grams of tummy-tightening fiber: 1 artichoke, 2 cups of broccoli, 2 apples, 1/2 cup of pinto beans.

6. Boxing is a great way to get a flat stomach

Try aerobic kickboxing or traditional boxing to tighten your tummy.

They’re not only beneficial for trimming your waistline, but also a terrific cardio workout as well.

All those high kicks and forceful punches will impact your abdomen and get those muscles tighter than ever.

7. Work your abs by cleaning your house

Cleaning your house can be a drag. However, the good news is while you vacuum, you can work out your abs too.

As you vacuum, concentrate on contracting your abs while pushing the vacuum back and forth.

8. Canoeing and Kayaking: Two great abdomen workouts

Canoeing and kayaking both provide an invigorating abs workout.

Of course syempre, para sa ating mga pinoy, bangka na may sagwan, ayus na ayus na.

Both your upper and lower torso get quite a workout since both of these sports require continuous paddling.

The muscles in your lower torso including your abs are constantly stretching, twisting, reaching, and pulling for an extended period of time.

9. Avocado is beneficial in stopping belly fat

avocado for weight loss

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). J

ust 1/2 an avocado has 10 grams of valuable MUFAs which stop blood sugar spikes that signal your body to store fat all around your tummy.

Mag ingat lang sa avocado. Although it is very healthy and has healthy fats, avocado also have large amount of calorie.

10. How alcohol affects belly fat

Alcoholic beverages are notorious for raising cortisol levels, which send fat straight to the belly.

In fact, it’s widely known that alcohol will put belly fat on you quicker than anything else you can consume.

In order to get rid of your stomach fat, you must drastically decrease your alcohol consumption.

Opo mga kaibigan, sa ayaw man natin (or sa gusto), ang mga alcoholic drinks talaga ang may kasalanan kung bakit tayo may super daming stomach fats.

Dahil nga sobrang dami ng corisol ng mga beer at other alcoholic drinks, ang excess nito ay diretso sa stomach.

Yung mga kasabihan “the stomach the budweiser built” or something similar, that is somehow the truth.

Isa lang ang solusyon para maiwan ang patuloy na paglaki ng iyong tiyan. At iyan ay bawasan if not totally itigil ang pag inom ng alcholic drinks.


Ayan beshies, mga simple ways para mawala na sa landas natin ang mga belly at stomach fat na lagi nating tinatago.

Kapag sinunod natin ang mga ito, no need to hide na dahil wala na tayong itatago. In fact, pwede pa nating i-flaunt ang ating sexy and flat belly! Oh yeah! 😍👙

(Photo and info from Google Images, www.urbanewomen.com/10-Simple-Tips-to-Help-You-Get-Rid-of-Stomach-Fat-Fast.html)