Paano nga ba nakakatulong sa paglo-lose ng weight ang yoga? Here’s how! 😉 #yogaforweightloss #gettingfitwithyoga #fitnessgoals #roadtohealthierandfitterus

11 Steps of Yoga for Weight Loss

1. Change the World

When you “loose something” you have to… Find it! Right? Instead, let’s think of it this way: I Am Ready to “Release” Weigh. “Releasing” is for something we are ready to let go of… For good. You may think it is simple or silly, but it’s not. The forces of pre-programming in our mind (known as samskaras in yoga) are very strong.

2. Practicing Yoga Daily Informs the Breathing and Body

When you practice yoga intelligently, meaning that Breathing is the priority, body begins to work in a more efficient way. The best shortcut to release weight is to approach it from all angles.

3. Not Stealing and Not Harming Helps

Not picking up a fight at work is helpful. It sounds obvious but the first two limbs of yoga, abstentions and observances, do come as a surprise. We begin to question: What does it mean to maintain “contentment,” “cleanliness,” “an attitude of surrender,” to be “grateful”?

4. Things We Let Go

The practice sets the odds in our favor. No food transformation can happen drastically and immediately. A meat eater cannot just leave meat, it won’t work. Trying to change it all at once because “someone said so” is not real. There are levels. It begins to happen naturally. One day at a time.

5. We Get Out of the ‘Fat’ Blind Spot

The “fat free” craze of the 90s got to us in a bad way. The brain needs fats, of the good kind, which are:

· Olive oil for salads

· Ghee or regular butter but from cows that eat grass (not genetically modified corn)

· Coconut oil (good quality) for frying

6. Our Thinking Becomes Clear

We become idea machines. Writing ten ideas has these three specific effects:

· Keeps the brain sharp.

· Stops the monkey mind.

· Transforms your life for the better every six months.

Magic happens when we play with ideas regularly.

7. Breathing Leads to Weight Release: Ted X Talk Says

Ruben Meerman in his TEDx talk asks a simple question: When you release weigh… Where does it go?! The science and math show that weight is released on the Exhale… Try this simple exercise: sit down comfortably and breathe in for 4 counts and exhale for 8.

8. Declutter Your House Equals Release Weight

I never thought that emptying my house would lead to such an emotional “dump”. As we let go of everything externally that no longer serves us, we also let go of what no longer serves us internally, including what we put into our bodies.

9. Releasing Crappy People

The people who drag us down, who tell us we are not good enough… They’ve got to go! You know who those people are. Having people who drag you down around is like enabling a vampire to suck from your neck, and empty you of vibrant red, life-filled blood, which you need…

10. We Choose Ourselves

We shift “outer reference” to “inner reference”. And by that I mean we stop worrying about what others are thinking and we get busy with how interesting and good our life gets. We refer to ourselves, we know when we did good work and we know when we missed the mark…

11. We Continue the Daily Practice and We are at our Perfect Weight

The real science laboratory is now a days in our bodies. We can read all we want but in the end it is you who has to find and use what works for you. It is only you that can choose yourself.


Ayan bes, alam mo na ang mga magagandang epekto na nagagawa ng yoga sa ating katawan. Bakit di pa natin simulan ngayon ang pagyo-yoga?! Good idea, ‘di ba? Taralets! Let’s go sago! 😊

(Photo and info from Google Images, ClaudiaYoga.com)