How to lose BELLY FAT – FAST

how to lose belly fat fast

Hindi na nga maganda sa paningin at pakiramdam, pwede pang maging sanhi ng iba’t ibang karamdaman.

‘Yan ang belly fat. Kaya nga gustong gusto natin itong maalis sa ating sistema ‘di ba?

Pero hindi sya ganun kadali.

And so, narito kami upang ihatid ang mga impormasyon at mga paraan upang mabilis na matanggal ang inyong belly fat. Tara, alamin na natin! 👇👍😉☺️

Belly fat is not only the most stubborn fat of all, but it also lead to many health issues. This article will help you gain knowledge on how to get rid of belly fat.

1. High Protein Diet

High protein diet can help control cravings and build lean muscle.

2. Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber like oats makes you feel full, that helps lose belly fat.

3. Avoid Alcohol

When we drink, our liver burns alcohol instead of fat and this gets deposited in our midsection.

4. Avoid Trans Fats

Consumption of trans fats leads to redistribution of fat around the belly even when the calorie intake is controlled.

5. Avoid Sugar

There is a direct link between consumption of sweets and increase in visceral fat.

6. Complex > Refined

Refined carbs (fries, pasta, ice-cream) are stripped of fiber and nutrients, which is not the case in complex carbs.

7. Add Coconut Oil

Coconut on contains fatty acids such as MUFA which boosts metabolism and increases energy levels.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which causes lower body fat accumulation.

9. Take Probiotic Food

Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that reduces appetite and help burn calories and fat.

10. Exercise Daily

Any form of activity which makes your heart rate go up will help you burn calories and fat.

11. Strength Training

Targeting different muscle groups in your body combining with cardio exercises is very effective in belly fat loss.

12. Good Night Sleep

People who don’t get 8 hours of sleep tend to get hungry more often.

13. Green Tea

Green tea improves metabolism and speeds up liver’s fat burning capacity.

14. Lower Stress Levels

High stress releases a hormone called cortisol which in high levels can make us gain belly fat.

15. Add Pepper

Pepper has a compound called Piperine which interferes with the formation of new fat cells in the body.

16. Fish Oil Supplements

Contains fatty acids which help breakdown fat while lowering additional fat storage.


Sa bawat problema, laging may solusyon.

At heto ang mga solusyon para sa problema natin sa ating belly fat.

Nasa atin na lang kung paano natin ito isasakatuparan.

Nasa tamang pagsasagawa ng solusyon at tamang diskarte pa rin kung paano tayo magiging fit and healthy. But for sure, kayang kaya natin ito. 💪👊☺️

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  1. I follow this site because i truly want to lose weight in certain areas of my body. I am not keen on trying supplements to help in my weight loss program. I have tried other offers before and they didnt work for me. I would much rather follow a program that focuses on exercise and diet.

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