When you want to lose weight, start with these small tips and tricks.

If you find it difficult to try large, drastic changes, try a few of these smaller but effective weight loss tips:

• Eat prior to visiting the grocery store.

• Stop eating by 7:00 PM every evening.

• Avoid drive-thru restaurants.

• Stay within 20 ft. of a grocery store’s exterior walls during your visit.

• Stick to only one serving per meal.

• Consume a surplus of fiber.

• Learn how to cook.

• Eliminate soda or sugary drinks.

• Do not eat or snack while you’re bored.

• Never eat and watch TV at the same time.

• Consume twice as much water per day.

• Exercise to improve your health, not to eat more.

• Turn off the TV and video games.

• Check your mail every day.

• Declutter your life.

• Get adequate sleep every night.

• Weigh yourself daily.

• Avoid sitting for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

• Try standing or using a standing desk.

• Take your phone calls for a walk.

So there! Hindi mo naman kailangang gawin ang lahat ng ito agad-agad. ‘Ika nga nila, “Slowly but surely.” Ang mahalaga ay sinusubukan mong gawin ang bawat isa para sa iyong katawan at sa iyong kalusugan and for sure, magbubunga rin ‘yan ng magandang resulta. 🙂

(Photo and info from Google; Urgent Care Extra–When You Can’t Wait to Feel Better)