Healthy living is all about finding a healthy routine and sticking to it… right? Maybe not. Recent research shows mixing it up may actually help you lose more weight, and keep it off for longer!

I. Vary Your Diet!

TRY: Calorie Cycling (aka Calorie Shifting)

What is it?

Calorie cycling, also called calorie shifting, is a “non-diet” diet plan that involves fluctuating your goal calories from day-to-day. This regular variation helps keep your metabolism active, and evidence indicates that it helps you stick to your new, healthy lifestyle for longer.

Benefits of Calorie Cycling

Calorie cycling is a great option to achieve healthy, long-term weight loss because it’s:

• Sustainable: It’s hard to restrict every day for the rest of your life. It’s much easier however, to aim for a weekly (or monthly) calorie goal and understand that your intake will vary day-to-day. This makes calorie cycling an effective option for long-term weight loss maintenance.

• Effective: Studies show that people who adopt calorie shifting diets maintain a higher metabolic rate, and demonstrate more significant improvements in their cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose, as compared to people who follow traditional, restrictive diets.

• Natural: It’s natural for intake to vary from day to day. That makes this “diet” seem less like a diet and more like a lifestyle.

II. Switch-Up Your Workout!

TRY: Cross Training

What is it?

Cross training is the practice of incorporating diverse, complementary workouts into your fitness routine. Everyone from professional athletes to recreational exercisers can benefit from proper cross training as a way to increase fitness and flexibility.

Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training is beneficial for weight loss with phentermine, and beyond, because it:

• Reduces Injury: Strengthening your core and complementary muscles helps reduce the stress on primary muscles and joints, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

• Increases Weight Loss: By constantly challenging yourself with new & different movements, you keep calorie burn high and promote continued weight loss!

• Improves Fitness: Moving muscles and joints in different ways helps you develop a more well-rounded type of fitness that promotes overall health and wellness.

• Decreases Burnout: Even if you love one specific sport, it can get boring if you only do that one activity day after day. Instead, mix it up by incorporating cross training so that you keep motivation and satisfaction levels high.


Ayan mga kaibigan, hindi naman talaga hadlang ang healthy routine mo sa pagbabawas ng sobrang timbang, sa halip ay mas makatutulong pa ito upang maging mas epektibo ang iyong pagpapapayat at mas ma-achieve mo ang iyong ideal body weight and body figure. 😊😍

(Photo and info from Google Images, Phentermine.com)