Lahat tayo gustong maging healthy, fit, and sexy forever. Pero parang ang hirap ma-achieve, ‘di po ba? Nasa lifestyle lang naman yan eh. Kaya naman narito ang ilang points/ways para sa lasting weight loss and overall health and well being. 👇👏🙌

Everybody wants to know how to make real, permanent, and healthy weight loss. The solution lies with simple lifestyle changes that are easy to do, and easy to stick with. Here are Eight Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Improve your Overall Health and Well Being.

1. Think Addition, Not Subtraction

Add things a few of your favorite fruits into your lunch bag.

2. Forget About Exercising

Forget about making a specific “work out” time, instead increase your physical activity in fun ways.

3. Avoid Sugar

Sugar, especially white granulated sugar, make your body store fat.

4. Don’t Skip Out On Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not eating breakfast slows the metabolism.

5. Lighten the Load

Instead of denying yourself the foods you love, find ways to “lighten them up” a bit.

6. Water, Water, Water

You cannot expect to lose weight without proper hydration. Also downing a glass of water before you eat is a great way to eat less.

7. Reduce Stress

Lowering stress & anxiety helps lower your blood pressure, improves the immune system.

8. Healthy Supplementation

While there are no magic pills, there are supplements such a Real Dose.


Lifestyle change lang naman ang susi sa pagiging fit and healthy permanently. Yakang yaka naman ‘di ba, bessy? Aja! Fighting! 👊💪

(Photo and info from Google Images; Presented by MD Weight Loss and Cosmetics)