Melt Away Belly Fat With These 3 Simple Ways (Only for Women)

Girlies, girlash, girls! Para sa atin to! Let’s lose belly fat together! 😍👙👍

What is going on in women’s body?

The Hormone Belly

Out of balance, hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) turn against you and your image.

Causes of unbalanced hormones?

1. Unhealthy diet

2. Not engaging in the right type of exercise

3. Visceral body fat

4. Environmental factors

An Unhealthy Diet

Avoid processed foods and “fat free”, replace saturated fats with monosaturated fats.

Eating monosaturated fats also help to make you feel fuller longer and prevent cravings for food like ice cream and French fries.

Not Engaging In the Right Types of Exercise

The average person tends to have lower oxygen levels in their body, then an athletic person.

Lower oxygen levels means:

– Become easily stressed

– Water retention, especially in the ankles

– Low energy and fatigue after eating

– Weight gain

High Intensity Interval Training workouts (HIIT) are important for weight loss.

Visceral Body Fat

Your natural hormone balance is upset and this causes weight gain, especially in the belly area.

Environmental Factors

Xenoestrogens become estrogen-like hormones in your body and unlike normal estrogen, your body is unable to excrete them naturally.

When they are not moved out of your body, they are creating more visceral fat.


1) Lumps and Bumps Be Gone

2) Eat Right

3) Shake Your Booty

1. Relief from Neuropathy

Less Sleep = Weight Gain

Study (published in In the American Journal of Epidemiology) was found that:

Women that slept for 5 hours or less gained more weight than women who slept 7 hours or more, regardless of dietary or exercise changes.

2. Eat Right

• Melons

• Grapefruit

• Strawberries

• Peaches

• Celery

• Cucumber

• IcebergLettuce

• Cabbage

• Cauliflower

Also have a salad before every meal. Increase your heart healthy fats and monosaturated fats by including:

• Avocados

• FlaxSeed

• ChiaSeed

• Coconut Oil

• Walnuts

• Coconut Oil

• Olive Oil

3. Shake Your Booty

Dance while doing household chores.

Rebounding or jumping is equally important to get your daily requirements of oxygen.

Implement HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training workouts) into your exercise regimen and get maximum benefits in less time.

HIIT is effective not only for weight loss but belly fat loss and healthy hormone production.

Baylor College of Medicine (in 1996) reported that calories continue to burn long after your Intense Interval Training has ended for the day.


Goal: Be healthy, fit, and sexy girls!

We can do this, girlies! Aja! 👩💪😘

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