Fat loss ba ‘kamo, mumshie? Eto! 👇😉 #fatlosshierarchy #fatlossgoals #fitnessjourney

1. Adherence

The single most important part about any diet is adherence. Not having sustainability in your diet is the downfall of many dieters. Your life shouldn’t revolve around your diet. Your diet should fit into your life.

2. Total Caloric Balance

Being in a caloric surplus will cause you to gain weight. Being in a caloric deficit will cause you to lose weight. There are no magic diets. No magic foods. It all comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

3. Non-Exercise Activity (NEAT)

NEAT is all movement that’s non-exercise related. Tapping your foot, fidgeting, standing in line, strenuous job (e.g. construction), etc. All these small movements add up to be significant.

4. Exercise Activity

Exercise activity is the area that we try to control the most, but it only accounts for 15-30% of our daily energy expenditure. It’s also the most time consuming aspect.

5. Sleep

People who sleep 8.5 hours per night vs. 5.5 hours per night use approximately 400 calories more! That means you could eat 2,800 more calories per week when dieting vs. someone who wasn’t sleeping enough.


Magiging epektibo ang mga ito kung sasamahan natin ito ng tiyaga at disiplina. G ka na ba, mumshie? G na G na!!! #roadtoahealthierfitterandsexieryou

(Photo and info from Google Images; Macros Inc. Fitness & Nutrition; Full article/sources: https://goo.gl/NxKdVT)