5 Simple Tips To Turn Fat To Muscle Even If You Eat Carbs

Mga bes! Eto na nga. Hindi carbs ang kalaban natin, kundi fats, bad fats. Yun dapat ang inaalis natin at hindi carbs. Nakakatulong ang carbs para sa ating muscle kaya walang dahilan para iwasan natin ang carbs. Go lang! #dontquitcarbs #gainmusclenotfat #tohealthierandfitterus

How to Gain Muscle Without Putting on Fat?

1.Don’t Quit Carbs

Carbs are essential for muscle gain, especially after a workout. They replenish glycogen stores, which is a chemical form of carbohydrates stored in your muscle and fuels them during activity.

2.Get your Protein

The goal with eating proteins is to build and repair muscle tissue. Proteins also support other functions such as producing hormones and immunity factors.

3.Consume enough calories

To gain muscle, you can’t eat salads all days. You need to consume enough energy to maintain body weight, load up on nutrients, and support muscle growth.


Water is the most abundant nutrient in the body making it critical to the balance of all the body’s systems.

5.Incorporate “Good” Fats

Both protein, carbs, and fluids affect performance during your workout while fat does not seem to benefit it directly, according to the position statement.


Fats. Bad fats. Ito ang tunay na salarin at hindi ang carbs. Wag nating sisihin ang carbs sa ating pagtaba at pag gain ng weight. Sa halip, gamitin natin ang carbs para madevelop natin ang ating muscles. So go on with carbs!

(Photo and info from Google Images, Al Arabiya News)