Alamin dito ang ilang fitness myths na maaaring matagal mo nang pinaniniwalaang totoo pero hindi pala. 👇👍😉 #busted #fitnessmyths #fitnesstruthsonly

This is part 1 of 2.. Watch out for Part 2!

Pagdating ng Package/Coffee ang Bayad!

MYTH #1:

Fruit juice is a healthy alternative to soft drinks


Truth: While they do contain vitamins and minerals, fruit juices are also loaded with sugar.

A standard serving has about five teaspoons of sugar – just two spoons less than a can of soft drink.

The Health Promotion Board recommends no more than one glass a day.

Pero syempre, kung marami man syang sugar, compared to soda and softdrink, fruit juices are way healthier!

MYTH #2:

Lifting weights give women bulky muscles

bulky muscles myth

Truth: Women cannot get big and bulky because they don’t produce enough testosterone to build large bodybuilder-type muscles.

To put on muscle mass, women need to take steroids and hormone injections.

Another HAKA HAKA busted! Hindi nakakapag pa bulky or nakakapag palaki ng muscles kung mag lift ka ng weights.

MYTH #3:

Low reps/heavy weights to bulk and High reps/light weights to tone


Truth: All weight training provides stimulus to your body.

Whether your muscles become toned or bulky depends primarily on what you eat.

MYTH #4:

More sweat equals a better workout

Truth: A workout’s effectiveness can’t be measured by how much you sweat.

Sweat-ing is simply your body, way of staying cool.

MYTH #5:

Holding weights while doing cardio burns more calories

cardio muth busted

Truth: While you do burn slightly more calories this way, the difference is negligible.

You, however, increase your risk of injury, especially to your elbows or shoulders.

A safer way to burn more in the same time is to add interval training to your cardio workouts.


Napakarami nang weight loss at fitness myths ang lumalabas ngayon.

Pero ang mga facts at truth pa rin ang mas may halaga at mas magiging kapaki-pakinabang kung matututo tayong i-distinguish ang myth sa truth.

Kung patuloy tayong maniniwala at patuloy nating gagawin ang mga sabi-sabi, mawawalan ng saysay ang ginagawa nating paglo-lose ng weight. Kill the myth.

Keep the truth.

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