Friend, naisip mo na ba minsan kung bakit parang walang nangyayari at walang pagbabago sa kabila ng lahat ng effort mo na magpapayat at magpababa ng timbang? Baka isa rito ang mga dahilan:

1. Avoiding Breakfast

It might be. When you take a pass on that first meal of the day, it can work versus you.

2. Eating Too Late

A late-night meal can spell problem for your weight-loss plan.

3. Stress

It’s possible. It can make you grab high-calorie, high-fat foods.

4. Gender

It might make a difference in how you lose weight.

5. Burning Calories and Metabolism

Perhaps. How quick you burn them is based upon your metabolic process.

6. Lack of Sleep

When you do not sleep enough, it can make it harder to lose weight.

7. Genes

Perhaps. Some bodies are merely better at burning fat than others.

8. Thyroid Breaking Down

If it’s underactive, you might have a condition called hypothyroidism.

9. Overall Health Condition

Medical conditions make it harder to lose weight.

10. Medications

Some medicines can likewise deal a blow to your efforts to drop some pounds.

Ayan, kung gusto natin ng best results sa ating #weightlossjourney, kung gusto nating pumayat, maging fit at healthy, iwasan natin ang mga ito and let’s do better! Kaya ‘yan! 😉

(Photo and info from Google Images, IYTmed.com)