Last time, pinag usapan natin ang key difference ng weight loss at fat loss.

Marami tayong post dito sa blog natin tungkol sa weight loss and fat loss. Iba ibang topic kung saan pinapaliwanag natin kung paano tayo papayat either weight loss or pag burn ng fat – fat loss.

By this time, alam na nating ang malaking pagkakaiba ng dalawa. (Kung malabo pa rin, comment below para i-share natin ang ibang paliwanag)

On this post, let’s see what you could be doing wrong and how we can fix those.


Ok Lang Ba Ang Cardio Exercise?

cardio exercise

Traditional cardio exercises is bad for fat loss. It does not burn enough calories and the more cardio you do, the better your body becomes at it.

Soon, you will actually burn less calories than before with the same amount of work.


Ang the best gawin instead of purely 100% cardio exercises is to do Intervals. Meaning, do intensive exercise for a certain amount of time and then do a more relaxed exercise.

Mas maraming calories and ma-burn mo sa intervals in the same amount of time. Mas maraming fat ang matatarget mo and in turn mas maraming fat ang mabu-burn.

Do The Right Kind of Cheating

Madalas nating sabihin na the less calorie ang kinakain natin, mas less madali natin ma burn. This prevent fat build-up.

Cheating is fine, but you still need to cheat correctly. During a calorie deficit, your leptin level drops and these need to be restored.

Ano ba ang Leptin?

Ang Leptin ay isang hormone na malaki ang kinalaman sa weight loss. Sya ang nag cocontrol nito. Ang Leptin din ang nag cocontrol sa ating feeling gutom.


Para mapanatili ang tamang level ng Leptin, paminsan minsan kailangan mong kumain ng mga pagkain na mataas ang carbohydrates.

TIP: The key phrase is “high-carb” not “high fat”. Binging on carb-heavy, high-fat foods will send nutrients to the fat cells and ruin your progress.

Binging on carb-heavy, high-fat foods will send nutrients to the fat cells and ruin your progress.

You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Kulang ang kinakain mong protein. Kung kulang ang protein mo sa katawan maaapektuhan ang pag develop ng iyong muscles.

It will also slow your fat loss kasi mas maraming calories ang ma bu-burn mo pag kulang ka ng protein.

Isa pang dahilan bakit importante ang protein ay dahil ito ang magpapa feeling busog sayo.. at syempre, sya ang nag dedevelop ng muscles while shedding body fats.


In a study from the Journal of Nutrition, researchers have found that a high-protein diet also improved body composition, cholesterol markers, and insulin levels more than a diet of moderate protein, even while keeping calories the same.

Make sure to eat at least 1gram of protein per pound of body weight while dieting.

Weight Loss:

Weight loss simply refers to a lower number on a scale. Time to celebrate, right? Not really.

That number represents the total sum in pounds or kilogram of all your body parts – weight of you bones etc.

Fat Loss:

Fat loss is the reduction in the amount of fat you carry in your body. So if you go from 25% body fat down to 20%, you’ve lost 5% fat in your body.

Now, that is the the time to celebrate

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