Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating

Hello mga kaibigan for today’s inforgrahic we are going to talk about guidelines that we should follow for healthy eating!


Dietary Guidelines

Ano ba ang Total Diet?

Total Diet is defined as everything a person eats averaged out over time

– it is the combination of all food and beverages that give people energy and nutrients.

Most adult Americans do not meet this recommendations.

82% – Do not give up food they like in order to eat healthier

68% – Do not eat fruits or vegetables at least twice per day

62% Have no time to track their diet in order to eat healthier

60% Juggle both work and family, prefer to prep meals in 15 mins.

36% Have no leisure-time physical activity

Factors that Influence Eating Practices:

  • Taste and food preference
  • Weight concerns
  • Physiology
  • Time and convenience
  • Environment (home, school, workplace)
  • Abundance of foods
  • Demographic factors large, socioeconomic status, ethnicity)
  • Media and marketing
  • Perceived product safety
  • Culture (heritage, religion, body image)

It boils down to making wise food choices in the context of the total diet.

Registered dietitian nutritionists can help establish a healthy lifestyle by teaching people to focus on variety, moderation and portion sizes.

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