Discover the 10 Gold Rules of Weight Loss

Rules is setup to guide us and to follow. You know the 10 rules of God, we also have 10 rules of weight loss.

This is the 10 Golden rule that you must know and follow in order for you to lose those unnecessary fat and weight.

Let’s begin:

Only eat when you’re hungry

You do not need to eat if you are bored, miserable or because you must try that new item on the menu of your favorite restaurant.  Only eat when you are hungry.

Move More, Move Your Booty!

Take advantage of incidental exercise. These are the time and situation where you have a chance to move your body. Take the stairs or walk to the shops instead of taking the car.

Get Enough Zzzzz

When I was young, every nap time my mom used to say that I need to take these naps for me to grow up and be strong. Now we are fat, looks like we need enough sleep as well.

Tired people have increased ghrein, a hormone which stimulates appetite. So the more tired you are, the more food you will eat. Get enough shut eye.

Get Organized in the Kitchen

Create a healthy meal plan for the week. Troublesome and too much work, I know but you have to do it. Write a shopping lit and tick to it. Prepare meals and snacks in advance. A little planning means you avoid the 5pm dinner panic.

Your Favorite Foods

Didn’t we just tell you to not eat any more junk foods? If you want to treat yourself, make it a healthy one. Eat healthy but taste and food that you like.

Focus on What’s Motivating You

A note, a photo or a quote, keep it with you for a constant reminder of why you want to change. Put it in your bathroom mirror to remind you every day, every morning! Or somewhere in your bedroom to see it when you wake up or before going to sleep.

Eat Less

Sorry, no way to avoid this one. Eat smaller portions. Eat dinner on small sized plate and when eating out, always order half rice or no rice 🙂

Plan in Exercise

Schedule it into your diary or phone just like an appointment and treat it like one.

Drink Water Often

This is every important. You not only need to hydrate yourself you whole body is made up of 75% liquid. Heck, your brain is almost squishy with liquid.

6-8 glasses a day is ideal. Hunger is often confused with thirst and dehydration. So drink water before you eat.


Embrace Change

Because you cannot expect to do the same thing over and over and suddenly get a different result.

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