A Tale of Two Meals

Ano nga ba ang tunay na nakakapagpataba sa atin, ang fats o ang carbs? Curious ka rin ba, momsh? Naku, kami rin! Kaya alamin natin yan dito! 👇 #ataleoftwomeals #fatsvscarbs #baconorbagel

What’s Really Making You Fat? Fats or Carbs?

Imagine that it’s time for breakfast. You have 2 choices: a plate of Bacon & Eggs or a Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese.

Which one will make you fatter? Think it’s the Bacon & Eggs? Wrong!

Bacon & Eggs ➡️ Fat

Fat doesn’t start breaking down as quickly as other foods. It takes a long time to digest. Your body dissolves the fat into droplets, then into fatty acids and glycerol. There’s no dramatic blood-glucose spike, and no insulin spike. Without an insulin spike, fatty acids aren’t trapped in your fat cells. What happens to the fatty acids? Some are used for energy and some are distributed and stored.

Bagel with Low-Fat Cream Cheese ➡️ Carbs

Carbs in your stomach digest faster than most other nutrients. It is used for energy are digested, flooding your bloodstream with glucose. Your body rapidly secretes insulin, which signals your body to store fat in 2 ways: Insulin tells your fat cells to pull in fat from the bloodstream, making you fatter. Second, insulin tells your fat cells to prevent fatty acids from leaving, preventing you from becoming leaner. Your body hangs on to all the fat it can find.

So you see, eating that bacon doesn’t make you fat. But eating a bagel full of carbs tells your body to keep storing more fat, making you fatter. Now, which would you choose?


Ayan bes, hindi naman pala nakakataba ang pagkain ng bacon kundi ang bagel. Carbs naman pala ang tunay na salarin sa ating pagtaba! Ngayon alam na natin. Kaya minimize na natin ang pagkain ng carbs. Go for the #fitnessgoals! Push natin ‘yan! 🙌

(Photo and info from Google Images, Massive Health, Column Five)