8 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Gustong magbawas ng timbang pero hindi alam kung ano ang mga dapat at hindi dapat kainin? Natatakot na mag-try dahil baka masira ang weight loss routine? Wag na mag-alala mumshie! Narito ang best foods para sa iyong weight loss! #foodsforweightloss #fitnessgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #toahealthierandfitteryou

1. Ginger

Ginger extract works best as an appetizer and also clean the colon by removing blockages. This activity boosts metabolism and helps in effective weight loss.

2. Cayenne

Cayenne has the ability to create more heat in our body, which aids in burning of fat and calories rapidly. Capsaicin con boost metabolism by 20%.

3. Celery

Regular consumption of celery juice before every meal helps to reduce weight. It makes you feel full for long time because of the fiber content.

4. Garlic

The Allicin present in garlic helps to reduce sugar and food cravings, which lead to weight gain/unhealthy eating habits.

5. Mint Leaves

Mint contains stimulants that improves digestion effectively. It activates the salivary glands and secretes more enzymes, which helps in effective digestion.

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps to break down sugar and lets the body absorb glucose. Makes you feel fuller in the stomach and reduces cravings for more food.

7. Fennel Seeds

Apart from reducing cholesterol, Fennel seeds also improve metabolism rapidly. When consumed regularly, it reduces fat and digests food smoothly.

8. Indian Gooseberry

Boosts metabolism, regulates bowel movements and enhances digestion. All this helps to lose weight. It also detoxes the body effectively.


Eat healthy to lose weight easily. Choose to be healthy and fit!

(Photo and info from Google Images, BowlofHerbs.com)