7 Nutrition Tips for Effective Fat Loss

Fat loss ba ‘kamo? ‘Eto mga tips para maging epektibo ang pagtanggal ng taba sa iyong sistema! 👍😊 #dontlosefat #getridofthatfat #fatlossjourney

Diet at an Appropriate Rate

Most people try to lose as much body weight as quickly as possible. However, this may not be the most effective approach to maintaining muscle mass while dieting.

Use a Flexible Approach

Many individuals significantly restrict food choices or follow a set meal plan while dieting. While this may work in the short term, it is not sustainable long term.

Eat Adequate Protein

Protein is important for muscle recovery. It can also help you feel full while dieting. Protein needs may be increased in someone who is dieting, training hard, and very lean.

Don’t Eliminate Carbohydrates or Fat

It is common for most people to significantly restrict or even eliminate fat and or carbs while attempting to lose weight. However, removal of carbohydrates can decrease performance during a workout which may lead to increased muscle loss while dieting.

Keep Food As High As Possible While Still Making Progress

Dieting results in a number of physiologic changes, including metabolic adaptation to the reduced caloric intake and caloric deficit. This leads to plateaus in weight loss along the way.

Don’t Stress Over the Small Details

Most people sweat over a lot of small details trying to lose fat. However, many of these small details aren’t worth worrying about.

Supplements Will Not Make Up For a Poor Diet

We’re not telling you supplements are worthless. But taking an excessive amount of supplements won’t make up for inconsistent nutrition and training habits.


Magiging epektibo lamang ang mga tips na ito kung sasabayan natin ng tiyaga, self-control, at self-discipline. Kaya natin yan! Para sa pagkawala ng fats sa ating katawan! Fighting! 👍👊

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