Mga Exercise and Workout Tips, Alamin!

Sa ating blog post ngayon, aming ibibigay ang ilan sa mga exercise/workout tips upang mas mapabuti at maging mas epektibo ang inyong pag-eehersisyo. Handa na ba kayo? Halina at alamin na natin! 👇

Weight training facilitates weight loss

Muscle is the furnace where body fat is incinerated, therefore if you don’t have enough muscle mass, then you cannot effectively burn body fat and lose weight.

Keep sugary foods to a minimum

Added sugar is pretty much everywhere and you are likely eating far too much of it, increasing your chances of becoming obese. Become accustomed to reading labels and avoid added sugar as if it’s the kryptonite to your Superman.

Ditch the Sweat Suit (these are great for water loss only)

Working out in a sweat suit does NOT burn body fat. You actually lose water weight, which will actually return as soon as those lost fluids are replaced.

Food before exercise kills fat burning

Eating food before working leads to burning that food for energy instead of burning body fat mass.

Don’t drink calories

Alcohol, juice and soda are stealth calories. They tend to fly under the radar while you focus on reducing your intake of solid calories. When the body ingests solid calories, it compensates by limiting further intake; you feel satisfied. This is not the case with liquid calories.


Ngayon ay nalaman nyo na ang mga dapat at hindi dapat gawin at kainin bago at pagkatapos mag ehersisyo. Gawin at sundin natin ang mga ito upang maging mas epektibo ang ating pag-eehersisyo at pagbabawas ng timbang. Fighting! 💪👍

workout and weight loss tips

(Photo and info from Google Images, DNA Lean-Genetic Evolution)