Regular exercise should be part of our lives, as much as we routinely breathe, eat and drink. Exercise should be a lifestyle priority.

What’s Right for You?

Exercise must be prescribed according to:

• Body composition

• Lifestyle

• Genetics

• Metabolic type

• Goal of the training

What to consider when choosing food to include in your diet?

• For health.

• For weight or fat loss.

• For weight or muscle gain.

Identify Good Foods For Your Diet

The food industry has become very clever at marketing strategies, and it only takes a look at the increasing obesity and diabetes rates to conclude that we are not educated in what we eat.

• Identify good foods through their labels.

• Advise on the correct ratios for your metabolic type.

• Explore your current eating habits and make realistic changes.

• Educate on aspects of nutrition suited for your lifestyle and based on your goals.


So mga beshies, kung gusto n’yong maging effective ang pagpapapayat n’yo, pagsabayin ang proper exercise at healthy food and diet. At syempre idamay mo na rin ang disiplina sa sarili 😉 Kayang kaya ‘yan! We believe in you! Fighting! 💪👊😉

(Photo and info from Google Images, BallyChohan – http://ballychohanfitnesstips.com)