Hindi nagda-diet pero pumapayat? Paano? Alamin dito!

Pwede bang pumayat o magpapayat nang hindi nagdi-diyeta?

Yes po. Opo, tama ang inyong nabasa. Pwedeng pwedeng magbawas ng timbang nang hindi nagda-diet. Ang tanong ay PAANO? ‘Yan ang ating tutuklasin sa post na ito 😉👇


Losing weight doesn’t have to consist of eating nothing but a lettuce leaf. Here’s 10 tips to get you from Buddha belly to skinny minny all without dieting!

1.      Slow down & time your meals

Pacing your meal triggers the body’s fullness hormone. Wolf your dinner down and the brain doesn’t have time to tell the stomach it’s full!

2.      Sleep more!

Sleeping replaces idle activities e.g. watching TV with a box of chocolates. 7 hours of sleep or less revs up your appetite leading to eating more.

3.      Serve more fruit and veg

Fruit and veg are high in fiber and water content & therefore fill you up quicker.

4.      Get used to loving soup!

Soup is handy at the start of a meal to curb appetite and slow eating speed.

5.      Eyes on the prize

Buy clothes slightly too small and keep your eyes on the prize of fitting them!

6.      Chew gum

Research has shown that chewing gum can occupy you enough to avoid the dreaded snack attack! Lethal for anyone wanting to lose weight.

7.      Increase your water intake

So after you’ve put down the beer/glass of wine, why not pick up a glass of water which is both refreshing, won’t give you a hangover, and also makes you feel fuller.

You have a good night, no hangover and stay slim by avoiding the kebab shop on the way home from the pub!

8.      Cut the sugar!

Replace one sugary drink/treat a day with a glass of water or savoury snack.

9.      Home cook!

When you cook at home, you know exactly what is going into your food and so can make it extra low calorie or healthy. The same doesn’t apply for meals out or takeaways!

10.  Enjoy yourself!

Losing weight isn’t easy. It’s even harder however if you’re hating every minute. Enjoy yourself, set small goals and don’t limit yourself to eating one lettuce leaf every three days.


From 3 layers ng bilbil to sexy, flat tummy nang walang diet? Posibleng posible yan, kaibigan kung gagawin mo lang at imi-maintain mo ang mga nasabing tips dito. Ready ka na ba? Let’s do it now! 💪😉

(Image and info from Google Images)