Mga beshywaps, gusto n’yo bang gumanda habang nagpapapayat? S’yempre naman ‘di ba? Sino ba namang may ayaw? 😀 Pero paano? Kung gusto n’yo talaga at handa na kayo, narito ang 11 beauty detox weight loss tips na tiyak na magpapa-bloom at magpapa-sexy sa inyo!

  1. Incorporate more raw food.
  2. Avoid all dairy products.
  3. Avoid all “fake” sugars.
  4. Stay hydrated.
  5. Practice yoga.
  6. Don’t combine protein with starches if you are going to eat cooked food.
  7. Avoid all soda.
  8. Try to consume 1-3 lemons every day.
  9. Don’t eat fruit for dessert after you eat cooked food.
  10. Chew really well.
  11. Eat fibrous, filling salads for dinner.

So together, let’s achieve that #beautygoals at #weightlossgoals , mga beshywaps! 😉

(Photo and info from Google, mysolluna.com)