Bakit Nga Ba Dapat Mag Lose ng Weight? Ang Mga Dahilan, Tuklasin Dito!

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Ano nga ba ang mga dahilan kung bakit tayo dapat magpapayat? Tara, alamin natin dito ang iba’t ibang rason kung bakit tayo dapat magbawas ng timbang.

Reasons to Lose Weight That Aren’t a Jean Size or a Number on the Scale

To Boost Energy

Shedding extra weight and breaking a sweat both decrease fatigue.

To Get Clearer Skin

Mas gumaganda ang nagiging mas clear ang skin kung tayo ay healthy, meaning less fat and fit

To Feel Happier

Obesity increases the risk of depression, and regular exercise reduces it! Kung tayo ay mas fit at mas payat, mas masaya tayo at mas maganda ang outlook sa buhay

To Boost Immunity

Extra body fat stresses the immune system. Good diet & exercise help it!

Being fat is almost equal to not being healthy. If you are fit, you have strong immunity.

To Breathe Easier

More oxygen efficiency means less huffing & puffing!

To SWEAT less

There is less fat to burn. Mas madalang ka na pawisan ng todo. Mas hindi ka na mapapagod sa mga physical na gawain dahil ikaw ay mas fit and healthy

To Save Money

Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight saves money in the long-run.

To Protect Your Heart

Losing weight helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

To Sharpen Your Mind

Exercise boosts cognition & obesity is associated with higher rates of dementia.

To Improve Your Sex Life

Losing weight has been shown to improve both sex drive and sexual satisfaction.


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