Paano Makaka-Recover Mula Sa Binge Eating?

Bes!!! Ang sarap kumain ‘no? Lalo na ngayong lockdown at karamihan ay nasa loob lang ng bahay at walang magawa, lalong nakakatuksong kumain nang kumain. Pero s’yempre ‘pag nag binge eating, asahan na ang pagdagdag ng timbang at alam nating hindi ‘yun maganda sa kalusugan. Mapapaisip ka rin kung paano ngayon magbabawas ng timbang at makakarecover mula sa pagbi-binge eating. Wag kang mag-alala, bes dahil iisa-isahin natin ang mga hakbang kung paano makakabawi mula rito.


Don’t panic! Take a deep breath. One bad meal or bad day will not make you gain weight. Get your mind back on track & stay focused. Rebuild your willpower and use the slip up as motivation!


Detox time. Start your day with plenty of water-aim for at least 100 oz. It helps to cut up a whole lemon and squeeze the juice into your water pitcher for more detoxifying benefits. Try to drink one glass per hour while you are awake.


Load up on fruits & veggies. You will need all the vitamins & minerals that you can get to help banish those nasty calories away. Do not touch any junk! Keep your grams of carbs & sugars as low as possible or the day to prevent sugars from forming and adding to your binge. Think lean meats, veggies, & only natural sugars such as fruits.


Move your body! Lots of cardio is key because what you want to do is SWEAT out those toxins from all the sugar/carb/fat overload. Aim for at least 30-45 minutes of running or elliptical to flush your system.


Keep up the good work and continue eating clean and working out. Chances are, you will not see a difference on the scale or on your body! Smile & enjoy. Forget the binge. Just strive to do better and take it as a learning experience.

‘Ika nga nila, “Slowly but surely.” ‘Wag mong madaliin, bes. Just keep pushing and you’ll get there soon! Pasasan ba’t makakabawi ka rin! Smile 🙂

(Photo and info from Google Images, Diary of a Fit Mommy –