Alamin Kung Paano Nakapagpapapayat ang Yoga at Meditation!

Nagyo-yoga ka ba, kaibigan? Eh nang me-meditate ka ba?

Alam mo bang nakatutulong ang mga ito sa ating pagpapapayat at pagbabawas ng timbang?

Kung paano, ‘yan ang aalamin natin ngayon sa blog post na ito. Kaya kung gusto mong malaman, halika at basahin na natin! 👇


3 Facts You Didn’t Know


When in danger or stressed, our body increases the levels of cortisol, a hormone that breaks down proteins and fats to supply the body with readily available glucose (energy).

The trouble with this is that in our “modern world” most stresses are non-physical, i.e. stresses caused by finances, work, or relationships etc.

There is usually no immediate need for an increase in glucose (energy) to flee a particular situation.

Therefore without an increase in physical workload, an increase in blood glucose likely goes unused as energy and can result in an increase of the hormone insulin.

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas and is responsible for lowering blood glucose when it becomes too high.

Elevated insulin can promote an increase in body fat and thus in accordance with the 1st law of thermodynamics (energy can never be created or destroyed, only displaced) the chemical energy stored in skeletal muscle tissue may be redistributed into fat cells.

meditation for weight loss

Because stress is a state of mind, when the mind is in turmoil and is without balance or harmony, the physical body can also experience turbulence and can suffer in agony.

Needless to say stress is one of the main culprits and stimuli for elevated cortisol levels and increased cortisol can indirectly lead to weight gain (hormonal obesity).

Therefore reducing elevated cortisol to that of a normal level can in turn stimulate weight loss.


Fat needs oxygen to burn and without enough oxygen it cannot be “burnt off” as energy.

The type of deep breathing practices performed in yoga activates the lower lungs where the oxygen receptors are most densely concentrated, this improves breathing efficiency and gets the necessary oxygen to oxidize the fat.

You will need to perform two yoga breathing sessions weekly focusing on breathing deep into the tummy; this will raise habitual breathing volume.

If you practice yoga breathing every week, you can increase your habitual breathing volume by as much as six times.

This will leave you feeling energized and will play a key role in achieving successful fat loss.


It is a well-established fact that eating can release endomorphins which are reported to improve wellbeing and in some cases, feelings of euphoria.

Not surprisingly, food can become an addiction and in times of stress many may reach for the refrigerator door to find their resolve.

In these instances it is primarily the emotional and cognitive states that need addressing rather than looking to diet and exercise regimes as a means to remedy.

Meditation and yoga can play a key role in weight loss by helping to remove the need for these “triggers.” This can be achieved through clearing the mind of turbulence and restoring balance and inner peace.


Wow! Akalain mong ‘yung simpleng relaxing at stress relieving activity ay nakatutulong rin pala sa pagpapapayat at pagbabawas ng timbang?!

So kaibigan, gusto mo na bang subukan ang yoga at meditation ngayon? Share your thoughts naman sa topic natin ngayon! 👍😊

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