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Happy Easter sa lahat! Alam nyo ba na mas nakikilala ngayon ng mga kabataan ang Easter Sunday, easter bunny etc.. but in actual, Easter Sunday dapat ay ang pag gunita ng muling pagkabuhay ni Jesus.

Anyway, sa araw na ito, pinupuntahan ng mga bata ang Malls.

May mga activities kasi ang Mall para sa mga bata, specifically ito ay ang egg hunting! May mga establishment na nagbibigay ng mga candy at iba pang mga treats na maraming sugar!

Good news!

Alam mo ba na maraming healthy at masarap na pagkain na pwede nating ihanda para sa mga bata – Easter themed!

Healthy meaning, walang masyadong sugar at hindi processed food.

10 Healthy Unprocessed Food for Kids

For today, dahil Easter Sunday of 2019 (April 21), i-share namin sa inyo ang mga food na hindi lang natural dahil unprocessed at walang artifical flavoring, kundi all healthy all natural snacks para sa kids!

Carrot Cheese Crackers

carrot cheese crackers

  • “Carrot” Cheese Crackers—This clever idea of packing your cheese crackers to look like a carrot is an adorable addition to your Easter baskets or packed up as a snack for lunches.

    Frozen Easter Eggs

  • Frozen “Easter Eggs”—Real fruit, real ingredients. So simple. By simply buying an egg-shaped silicone mold, you can freeze your fruit and yogurt mixtures and turn them into a festive snack or dessert. Photo courtesy of No Time for Flash Cards.

    Bunny Breakfast

    Bunny Breakfast

  • Bunny Breakfast—Sometimes, it’s all about how you arrange the food that can make a big impact! Eggs, bacon, cheese, and fruit. This great idea for turning breakfast into a bunny is sure to be a hit at the breakfast table. Photo courtesey of Worth Pinning.

    Veggie Pizza

  • Veggie Pizza—Turn a simple dish into something fun and colorful by adding veggies to your favorite pizza crust, then top it with cream cheese and veggies to make this carrot-shaped fun dinner.

    Bunny Snack

  • Bunny Snack—Just a bit of creativity and placement is all you need to turn an ordinary after-school snack of fruit into a fun bunny face! Photo courtesy of The Prime Pursuit.

    Chick Eggs

    Chick Eggs

  • Chick Eggs—To create these sweet “chickie eggs,” you only need hardboiled eggs, a few sesame seeds, and a carrot.

    Easter Egg Treats

  • Easter Egg Treats—Instead of filling those plastic eggs with candy and junk food, fill them with healthy snacks instead! Each one will be a healthy surprise when your kiddos open them up.

    Carrot Patch

  • Carrot Patch—Hummus with baby carrots is a delicious and healthy snack or treat. Add to the special presentation by using mini terra-cotta pots and parsley to create these “carrot patches.”

    Cloud Bites

  • Cloud Bites— Cloud Bites can be made diabetic-friendly or even topped with fresh fruit for deliciously sweet bites that are reminiscent of springtime in the sky!

Happy Easter Kids!

Masarap diba? Sana ay nagustuhan mo, and more importantly sana ay magustuhan ng mga kids mo ang ating 10 Unprocessed Healthy Snacks for Easter!

Alin kaya sa mga food na yan ang magiging paborito ng mga kids mo?

Pa share naman, comment below..